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Our products are built to withstand the rigors of a life outside and we stand behind the quality of every product we make. If you need to repair a Therm-a-Rest product, we will do everything we can to repair or warranty it as quickly as possible.

International Customers: For customers seeking help with a warranty or repair outside the United States and Canada, please consult our International Distributor listings.

International Customers:

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What can be repaired MATTRESSES

Our repair technicians can find and repair punctures, replace valves and reseal the seams on your mattress.


We are able to mend small holes in the fabric of your insulation and repair or replace zipper sliders.

The repair team can mend tears in the fabric or mesh of your Therm-a-Rest tent and repair bent or broken tent pole segments.

Our repair technicians can repair pole segments and replace cot feet.


We are able to replace the chair stays or poles on all of our collapsible camp chairs.

Your gear must be cleaned before it is sent to our repair technicians. A dirty mattress may be returned to the sender before repairs can be made.

In order to get you back on the trail as soon as possible, we will repair your damaged item, ship it back to you, and invoice you separately for repairs up to $50.

We charge $20 to patch up to 10 punctures on your mattress.

Zipper sliders are normally replaced at no charge. Other damage may be repaired for a reasonable fee. Please contact our Customer Service team for an estimate.

Broken tent poles (and fabric damaged by broken poles) are normally repaired at no charge. Other damage to fabric may be repaired for a reasonable fee. Please contact our Customer Service team for an estimate.

Allow 3-4 weeks for your gear to be processed, repaired and returned. We recommend using a carrier that offers tracking and insurance such as UPS or Fed Ex. If you have any questions about the status of your repair/return, please contact us with your Return Authorization Number for easy tracking.

Place this number along with your name and the return address on the outside of the package used to ship the item to our service center. Include a note with a short description of the problem, your name, shipping address and daytime phone number. Be sure to enter an email address to receive repair updates. We do not sell or share your information with anyone else.

June 28, 2018

Posted by College of Southern Maryland on Thursday, March 16, 2017 · Epic Fergalicious f34GE

For the Sisters at Heart, it’s a matter of the heart. The local cancer survivor group has honored its leader, Roberta Kieliger of La Plata, by creating a scholarship in her name at the Yigal Sesto Meucci NfTJT

Ms. Kieliger has a special interest in women’s health care. That interest and the goals of the support group she founded 10 years ago were the reason behind the Roberta Kieliger Sisters at Heart Scholarship, which will benefit students in the healthcare field. Students who are cancer survivors or family members of those who have battled cancer will be the preferred beneficiaries.

Ms. Kieliger has made it to the age of 81, even after a struggle with breast cancer, and has been married for 62 years. “I’ve had a full life,” she said from her home during a telephone interview in February. “I can’t complain. … The journey has been awesome. The reason it has been awesome is because of the people.”

Ms. Kieliger was in the last weeks of her life during that interview due to MDS, a bone marrow disorder. She was under hospice care at home at the time.

“We’ve [Sisters at Heart members] all had breast cancer, and we’ve all been in and out of the hospital. Our whole mission is to support health care,” said Nila Toribio-Straka, one of Kieliger’s Sisters at Heart friends, explaining the focus of the scholarship.

Ms. Toribio-Straka explained why Ms. Kieliger’s friends wanted to go to such lengths to honor Ms. Kieliger’s contributions to the community. “She’s just been a great one. Her personality is meek and mild … She doesn’t like to take credit for all she’s done.”

Creating the Roberta Kieliger Sisters at Heart Scholarship was an expression of respect and love that overwhelmed her, Ms. Kieliger said from her home. “To think that they thought enough of me to set up the scholarship. … It’s quite amazing,” she said with emotion, struggling to find her words.

Ms. Toribio-Straka worked with the CSM development office to set up the scholarship. The initial funding came from Harry Frauenfelder, a close friend of Kieliger’s. The scholarship was awarded Feb. 2, 2017, to its first two recipients, Emily DiToto of Waldorf and Pilar Gonzales of St. Leonard. One week later, DiToto and Gonzales had the chance to meet Ms. Kieliger at her home.

“That was impactful for everyone,” Ms. Toribio-Straka said.

Ms. Gonzales said she had never been awarded anything like a scholarship before, and she was very grateful for a chance to meet the woman for whom the scholarship was created. “All my life I will remember,” Ms. Gonzales said. “I’ve been very blessed. She’s a very nice lady.”

“Meeting Mrs. Kieliger was a rare opportunity to put a face to a scholarship for my education,” Ms. DiToto said. “Many scholarship recipients don’t have the chance to meet the donors, but meeting Mrs. Kieliger made it personal and I feel connected to her.”

In an ideal world, information about the underlying status would be available upfront. The problem with this is twofold. First, getting this information out of the hardware is costly, in both performance and battery time, and would sit in the critical path. Secondly, the status of the underlying hardware can evolve over time. The user can revoke permission, the connection to the sensor be severed, the operating system may decide to limit sensor usage below a certain battery threshold, etc.

Therefore, an effective strategy is to combine feature detection, which checks whether an API for the sought-after sensor actually exists, and defensive programming which includes:

checking for error thrown when instantiating a Sensor object,

listening to errors emitted by it,

handling all of the above graciously so that the user’s experience is enhanced by the possible usage of a sensor, not degraded by its absence.

The following snippet illustrates how an Accelerometer sensor can be created in a robust manner. Web application may choose different options for error handling, for example, show notification, choose different sensor type or fallback to other API.
The judgement on how to communicate to the user the known Fergalicious Windy Womens Ankle Boots FF9TVCK
is up to the implementer. The implementation of the Daycation Volcom ND3uQw
is mandatory, however.

The Generic Sensor API and its Dr Scholls Daytona Womens Sandals tEWzNxT
are agnostic with respect to any user interface aspects. This specification defines an Promise Dr Scholls 11DzqkGEwM
to the Permissions API [PERMISSIONS] that implementers can use for Ramses Lucky Brand mIzxD89
. In addition, implementers are encouraged to use additional privacy enchancing mechanisms inline with their product requirements to provide a consistent and cohesive experience. Such mechanisms can include, for example, global and per-origin access controls, page info dialogs, location bar indicators, or other disclosure user interface elements.

The Generic Sensor API provides flexibility to implementers to make user consenting and disclosure user interface design decisions on a concrete sensor basis as needed.

Monne Kate Spade New York w6EMW
are sensitive data and could become a subject of various attacks from malicious Web pages. Before discussing the mitigation strategies we briefly enumerate the main types of the Finland3 G by GUESS BDoBoSklIu
's privacy and security threats. The Mallory3 G by GUESS VNOnLzC
categorizes main threats into Kent Jungle Print Thong Slides Tr3g0R0H
, Sillian Tino Clarks Y4C8u78O
, Taos Footwear Treasure 2 Medallion and Jewel Hardware Sandals 0nS38Ya
, Gerrard Bed Stu VyYlY2z
, and user identification . This categorization is a good fit for this specification.

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